The oldschool way…

Pen + sheet: notebook time! The second major side of my work. I need to take some serious decisions before integrating the whole colony rendering system. Hope I’ll be back on keyboard tomorrow…


Origami day…

I had small rendering bugs all along because of my terrain LoD system. When ground tile’s resolution change, it’s almost impossible to match vertices in order to avoid gaps. I had tried so far half a dozen kind of different computations… But while “errors” were camera orientation dependent, I struggled to find a way which didn’t needed for more terrain updates.

So much work for so few pixels… but this issue is now over!

Paint it black

Work in progress picture: now working on a complete set of textures for the ground. I’m defining areas of forest, grassy lowland, desert… for planets. But I’m quite sure that the main part of players won’t request to set up their own colony on a hostile designed zone. Who want a city mired in swamps? I need nice balanced landscapes… and I haven’t found this yet… 😉

Nerd Inside.

This time, I’m sure. I’ve got my ultimate fractal compositor. So far, it was quite nice but, somehow, facing a feeling of repeatition while traveling accross the planet. Stereotypic fractal landscape… everywhere. Like crossing again and again the same mountain!?

[nerd mode: ON] I was listening to music… when I get a thought about disharmonic sounds. Obvious!!!

My fractal layers aren’t synchronized anymore, I’ve unleashed frequencies to create kind of resonant waves. Just like soundscapes… Disharmonic fractals… It may look snobbish (hope no), very nerdy (sorry), complex (not, actually), or maybe that’s a very common thing in the world of fractal-geek-mathematician-from-hell, I dunno at all, in fact I don’t care, but…

[nerd mode: OFF] …I’m sure, I’m in love with my new landscapes 😀

Boring little things

Boring 1/ worked on a new highres sky texture. It’s always pretty painful to make tileable clouds…

Boring 2/ locked myself 2 hours to track down my ribbon trails. Wasn’t neither an overlay problem, nor a z-depth issue… I’ve spent 2 hours checking out everything but the obvious one… a timing issue. Frames weren’t fired anymore… (Ogre::mRoot->_fireFrameEnded())… I shouldn’t rely on Ogre for this kind of stuff anyway. Blame for me.

Boring 3/ I’ve refined fractal terrain generation. I’ve got a lot of “almost cool” formulas, but not the perfect one yet. Damn!

Improved scene manager

3 days (x12 hours…) of hard work… I’ve almost solved any lag while setting game’s configuration at its maximum on my laptop. Still a couple of residual bugs, but the harder is widely done…

I’ve implemented a system of “time budget” which can split any computation between frames when CPU is burning 😉 Former static geometries generation (i.e. Ogre::StaticGeometry::build()) of 420,000 vertex are now nearly unnoticeable on frame rate. This fucking bottleneck has vanished!

Nyne Terrain Manager is evenly compatible with Ogre’s shader object instancing. Since 2 faces impostors are more efficient in static geometry, my scene manager has been added the capability to switch smoothly between static/instanced depending on LOD distance. I haven’t tested yet FPS with shader instancing but it might rocks!