Playground is ready!

I’m almost sure you’re now bored with terrain pictures. So you may imagine how bored I’m with terrain work!!!

But it’s nearing completion. Playground is ok, each zone can now receive its own task: spot mission, colony, city, freeride fight (up to 256 kind of “events” for future game updates).

As I was saying yesterday, this process also improve by itself terrain realism: sand dunes are now nicely curved, swamp zones are flooded, and so on… But now I have to create more kind of design (iced mountain, jungle, lowlands, …).


Je crois que c’est le bon moment pour faire une petite pause sur la 3D. Amis de Nyne, je repasserai la semaine prochaine pour lire vos cahiers de doléance et vous préparer une p’tite mise à jour bien méritée 😉


Looks like I’ve got some bug here 🙂

Anyway, I’m done with today. I’ve almost finished my new… “stuff”. First goal was to add further compatibility between terrain generation and ingame datas. For example, to create more or less flat areas where gamers colonies are settled. We won’t ask you to build your city on a deadly mountain rift… !

But this new layer will also improve terrain realism. Well.. I’ll better show you tomorrow!