Quality Check… [video]

A 3′ continuous shot, from ground to space. Seems like everything runs fine! Now it’s time to shut off C++ for a couple of days!

Recipe for skies:
– 1 skybox
– 2 skydomes
– 1 skytube
– 2 billboards set
– 5 fragment shaders
– 1 rendering queue manager
– 719 z-buffer headaches
– blend and shake…


Stuck in the sky…

I’ve got issues with sky since 2 days. Ocean and ground are now rendered using fragment shaders, space too. But between those two borders, sky layers were still rendered with this old fixed GPU pipeline… which started to irritate me widely. A few months ago I had the exact opposite feeling: that’s definitively just impossible to design with both techniques in mind. I decided to process to fixed pipeline’s funeral and convert almost everything to shaders. I’ll work much more quietly with only one single philosophy!

This is freeride!

I don’t remember if I have put some space frontier pictures in some previous post. Anyway here’s tonight effect work. But… in fact, there ain’t any effect. I found that the best way to achieve a “cool sky – clouds – planet atmosphere – then free space” effect… is to build a kind of real “cool sky – clouds – planet atmosphere – then free space” realistic system…

The 3rd and 7th are my favourites

I added today 9 different cameras setup (numeric pad 1…9) . Dynamic FoV, classic FoV, realistic FoV, w/o horizon pitch, “wow” style, “afterburner” style, inside view, … and so you’ll be able to switch between arcade style for dynamic fighting sequence, and a much more smooth/quiet camera while farming in your colony :).