Improved scene manager

3 days (x12 hours…) of hard work… I’ve almost solved any lag while setting game’s configuration at its maximum on my laptop. Still a couple of residual bugs, but the harder is widely done…

I’ve implemented a system of “time budget” which can split any computation between frames when CPU is burning 😉 Former static geometries generation (i.e. Ogre::StaticGeometry::build()) of 420,000 vertex are now nearly unnoticeable on frame rate. This fucking bottleneck has vanished!

Nyne Terrain Manager is evenly compatible with Ogre’s shader object instancing. Since 2 faces impostors are more efficient in static geometry, my scene manager has been added the capability to switch smoothly between static/instanced depending on LOD distance. I haven’t tested yet FPS with shader instancing but it might rocks!