Almost final forest rendering system

You’ll agree how much trees are helpfull for considering the real size of such a scene.

Good news: I’ve flown accross 52 kilometers (up to this view actually) and no memory leak pointed out!

Bad news: I’m already consuming 700 Mb of memory. That’s a little expensive at this point, since future cities are going to be very greedy too. Nothing serious… but I have to plan a “code cleaning” day soon ^_^’


Forest natural distribution

Working today on trees space distribution. Basically it’s quite the same fractal process than terrain map. But I do not know exactly what formula I must compose for a realistic natural forest rendering. So it’s gonna be a full “try blind and check result” day 🙂 I’m feeling like a compulsive botanist…


Here we go. Today I started integrating Lokoyd’s tree meshes.

7,8 million… it’s the rought approximative number of trees I need to display per planet. Even if – due to planets size – I know that any kind of number has to be huge… that’s still creepy !! Maybe I should think of shader instancing !? I’ll see later… At this time I must find a way to generate nice trees coordonates. That’s nothing but stupid random forest right now…