The water element

Damn! New ocean shader/ foam effect / shore detailed fractals / terrain dynamic alpha transition done! It was a tough work, but I hated old style sharped shores!



Looks like I’ve got some bug here 🙂

Anyway, I’m done with today. I’ve almost finished my new… “stuff”. First goal was to add further compatibility between terrain generation and ingame datas. For example, to create more or less flat areas where gamers colonies are settled. We won’t ask you to build your city on a deadly mountain rift… !

But this new layer will also improve terrain realism. Well.. I’ll better show you tomorrow!

Nerd Inside.

This time, I’m sure. I’ve got my ultimate fractal compositor. So far, it was quite nice but, somehow, facing a feeling of repeatition while traveling accross the planet. Stereotypic fractal landscape… everywhere. Like crossing again and again the same mountain!?

[nerd mode: ON] I was listening to music… when I get a thought about disharmonic sounds. Obvious!!!

My fractal layers aren’t synchronized anymore, I’ve unleashed frequencies to create kind of resonant waves. Just like soundscapes… Disharmonic fractals… It may look snobbish (hope no), very nerdy (sorry), complex (not, actually), or maybe that’s a very common thing in the world of fractal-geek-mathematician-from-hell, I dunno at all, in fact I don’t care, but…

[nerd mode: OFF] …I’m sure, I’m in love with my new landscapes 😀

Boring little things

Boring 1/ worked on a new highres sky texture. It’s always pretty painful to make tileable clouds…

Boring 2/ locked myself 2 hours to track down my ribbon trails. Wasn’t neither an overlay problem, nor a z-depth issue… I’ve spent 2 hours checking out everything but the obvious one… a timing issue. Frames weren’t fired anymore… (Ogre::mRoot->_fireFrameEnded())… I shouldn’t rely on Ogre for this kind of stuff anyway. Blame for me.

Boring 3/ I’ve refined fractal terrain generation. I’ve got a lot of “almost cool” formulas, but not the perfect one yet. Damn!

WinRAR philosophy

Flying 2500 meters high. This scene was originaly running at 36 FPS due to forest objects (4,687 batches, 1,804,008 faces). I added today static geometry and above all a basic impostors system to fake distant objects. 96% batches + 93% faces reduction. I’m now back to 174 FPS… that’s a nice day 😉

I still have some lags during creation of those huge static objects, but it should be solved by splitting this process accross a couple of frames. I’m almost done with this forest thing!!

Forest natural distribution

Working today on trees space distribution. Basically it’s quite the same fractal process than terrain map. But I do not know exactly what formula I must compose for a realistic natural forest rendering. So it’s gonna be a full “try blind and check result” day 🙂 I’m feeling like a compulsive botanist…

Paging improvement

I’m working right now on a small laptop for self restriction (and avoid the “hardcore gamer minimal specs” effect). But I still have a very impressive speed… too much speed. I was too mean, I guess.

I decided to update my paging system to double the distance view and display a 32 x 32 km scene. I can’t go beyond, or I’ll be stuck with z-depth precision while flying over the clouds.

Fractal Landscape (3)

I now have realtime fractals within something like 5 ms CPU time per frame. Better than in my dreams! I must confess I needed much more computations than I expected. Alas, I’m not the hero on this work. Nowadays CPU power are simply stunning!!!

Pleasant consequence: in this speed quest, I have gained a full set of time benchmark methods, lol.