Almost final forest rendering system

You’ll agree how much trees are helpfull for considering the real size of such a scene.

Good news: I’ve flown accross 52 kilometers (up to this view actually) and no memory leak pointed out!

Bad news: I’m already consuming 700 Mb of memory. That’s a little expensive at this point, since future cities are going to be very greedy too. Nothing serious… but I have to plan a “code cleaning” day soon ^_^’


WinRAR philosophy

Flying 2500 meters high. This scene was originaly running at 36 FPS due to forest objects (4,687 batches, 1,804,008 faces). I added today static geometry and above all a basic impostors system to fake distant objects. 96% batches + 93% faces reduction. I’m now back to 174 FPS… that’s a nice day 😉

I still have some lags during creation of those huge static objects, but it should be solved by splitting this process accross a couple of frames. I’m almost done with this forest thing!!