I need to rest!

I need to sleep now!! I’ve spent tonight 4h 17m to trace a stupid (but highly vicious) object pointer bug, infecting memory. It fucked up my poor head 🙂

Anyway… that’s not a this point I realized I was tired… no.. I just spent right after 45m on a… division error.

The problem (this thing behind my eyes) is now clear. I’m done!

ps/ sphere map is ready, anyway.


Tiles puzzle

I’m still working on alpha texture generation. The splatting of two textures is child-proof. But upgrading this to mix dozens or hundreds of textures for a whole planet is… rather… painful!

Because of differents LOD for tiles, there is 2^16 (65536) different alpha combinaisons. No way to keep a such amount of textures in memory, of course. Dynamic creation itself is simple as possible: a basic texture alpha, then a bunch of memcpy(). But the thing is to create splitted alpha map. Like unpredictable portion of the terrain, at any scale.

I never been a puzzle game addict… ^^’