Got power?

Thank’s to my… “origami salvation”, adaptive (and configurable) degradation is now fully ok. This time, my laptop can’t survive to the new “C” mode… but any decent desktop config should be able to gain benefit from new thin light details.



Almost final forest rendering system

You’ll agree how much trees are helpfull for considering the real size of such a scene.

Good news: I’ve flown accross 52 kilometers (up to this view actually) and no memory leak pointed out!

Bad news: I’m already consuming 700 Mb of memory. That’s a little expensive at this point, since future cities are going to be very greedy too. Nothing serious… but I have to plan a “code cleaning” day soon ^_^’

WinRAR philosophy

Flying 2500 meters high. This scene was originaly running at 36 FPS due to forest objects (4,687 batches, 1,804,008 faces). I added today static geometry and above all a basic impostors system to fake distant objects. 96% batches + 93% faces reduction. I’m now back to 174 FPS… that’s a nice day ūüėČ

I still have some lags during creation of those huge static objects, but it should be solved by splitting this process accross a couple of frames. I’m almost done with this forest thing!!

Alpha with fragment shader

Still working on my HLSL fragment program for terrain splatting. Above is my alpha map.

alpha    = alpha*alpha + alpha * dupCO.r * dupCO.g ;
alpha    = sqrt( alpha ) ;
alpha    = clamp( alpha , 0 , 1 ) ;

Simple process with the under laying texture to avoid a too smooth texture transition. Not perfect… but it’ll be my starting point !