Paging improvement

I’m working right now on a small laptop for self restriction (and avoid the “hardcore gamer minimal specs” effect). But I still have a very impressive speed… too much speed. I was too mean, I guess.

I decided to update my paging system to double the distance view and display a 32 x 32 km scene. I can’t go beyond, or I’ll be stuck with z-depth precision while flying over the clouds.


Paging… done!

I promise to never underestimate Murphy’s law again. There is always some stupid issues. Always. I won’t tell further… ^^

Anyway… my tiles system works. Nothing would be possible without this. Now we’re ready to bring a full free-ride MMO 🙂

Paging & LOD

My first priority is to create a nice LoD/paging scene system. I’ve seen that Ogre has specific scene managers & plugins for this, but I’m rather sure I won’t find anything fitted for Nyne… or fitted with me. And even… I’d like to stay focus on a very basic Ogre environment. So I’m starting my own stuff. Well… I’m not really about to start running mindless in the dark… I had filled two notebooks in the past months to consider that kind of problems. But now I’m going to discover issues I haven’t predicted 🙂

The need for a paging system is obvious. Planets have to be huge sized. To be able to fit hundreds of city per planet, and a couple of kilometers between… so I mean HUGE.
– Each planet will be composed of 8,388,608 tiles (I won’t detail why)
– Each tile will be made of 1,600 vertex (at least)
– We’ve got… a minimal 13,421,772,800 vertex par planet.
– (and if you don’t know, we have 9 planets)
– Once for all, I do need a paging scene from hell!

And for the Level of Detail. I’d like to:
– have a quite deep background landscape, so vertex optimization
– be able to change vertex resolution depending on hardware

I don’t want neither the most beautiful, nor the most large length of view. I just NEED a huge planet and a kind of nice rendering.