Boring little things

Boring 1/ worked on a new highres sky texture. It’s always pretty painful to make tileable clouds…

Boring 2/ locked myself 2 hours to track down my ribbon trails. Wasn’t neither an overlay problem, nor a z-depth issue… I’ve spent 2 hours checking out everything but the obvious one… a timing issue. Frames weren’t fired anymore… (Ogre::mRoot->_fireFrameEnded())… I shouldn’t rely on Ogre for this kind of stuff anyway. Blame for me.

Boring 3/ I’ve refined fractal terrain generation. I’ve got a lot of “almost cool” formulas, but not the perfect one yet. Damn!


Formation flying

Here I’m playing with my fly system. One unit is drived, while the others follow in an [almost] clever way with position presets. Live effect is pretty cool with nothing but a delayed position interpolation.

On the other side, I’m frustrated with my reactor effect. That’s not space-based scenes, hence massive effect looks cheap. I’ll think about that later…