A little bit higher.

New space area design!


That’s one small step for a man..

It’s pretty hard to switch between server and client’s sources, as always. First: start slowly and get my classes & methods back in mind! So I should avoid destroying everything 🙂

I’ve decided to work on small smoke FXs. That’s quite simple, no hazard here. I’d like to cross kind of volumetric clouds while flying through sky. When done I’ll be ready for adding more deep and usefull stuffs!

5316m from the ground

Here a nice shot above the clouds, cause nothing new to show.

I’ve mainly worked today on callbacks, listeners and hardware buffers.Stuffs that don’t make a really funky day 😉 I’ve tried to improve management of the CPU/GPU struggle for power. Since the scene is heavily CPU generated, I have issues for using GPU parallelism.

Whatever… tomorrow I’ll strike back on the other side of the problem to improve RT terrain generation.  I’ve got in head to be able to set the maximum specs to render you a nice video from my laptop soon!